Legal Topics Rap

Yo, let’s talk legality, rules, and regs,
From nursing practice to rental agreements.
The scope of nursing practice is legally defined by
The rules set forth, you can’t deny.
Condo living, it’s got its appeal,
But make sure you know sample rules and regulations for real.
Rental in Bangalore, a bustling place,
Get the rental agreement without a trace.
Bretton Woods Agreement, it set the stage,
Peep the knowledge, learn why it was engaged.
Is THC legal in Louisiana this year?
Find out the facts, all crystal clear here.
SARA, or State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement,
Understand the deal, no need for disparagement here.
Need a legal internship in NJ?
Gain experience, no need to play it chess here.
Futures contracts, it’s all about the margin,
Get the lowdown, become a true bargain here.
Trusts for estate tax, it’s a smart play,
To preserve wealth, don’t delay here.
Fence line laws in Arkansas, know your space,
Learn about boundaries, no time to waste here.

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