Understanding Legal Terms: Everything You Need to Know

Yo, yo, yo, let’s talk about the law,
old UK banknotes and what you withdraw.
Are they still legal tender, or are they out?
Legal definitions gotta be understood,
as the case may be, you’re good, that’s your livelihood.

Incarceration in law, what’s the deal?
Understanding these terms is a legal build;
Gas service agreements, what’s that about?
You gotta understand it, there ain’t no doubt.

Legal knowledge is power, so make no mistake,
Romeo and Juliet law, it’s no child’s play.
Legal service jobs, opportunities arise,
Get educated, open your eyes.

Agistment rules and regulations, it’s all fair and square,
Understanding the law, so you’re aware.
Closed rule definition, don’t be in the dark,
Educate yourself, make your mark.

Workplace harassment laws, know your rights,
Legal empowerment, take flight.
Endorsing HDB resale documents, it’s all clear,
Legal tips and process, have no fear.

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